The Little Book of Holistic Accounting

Author: Emma J Perry

ISBN: 9781907282812

Paperback, illustrated, 96 pages

Published: 21st September 2017

Language: English

If you are stuck in a corporate job that is stifling your creative core, or you are struggling to develop a business out of your passion, this book is for you. It is time to bring everything into balance so that your true purpose can be perceived and achieved.

The Little Book of Holistic Accounting is a unique, powerful tool for those who are seeking to discover and live their life purpose. It combines inspirational and motivational insight with the practical, step-by-step guidance of the Holistic Accountancy method. Emma Perry melds her creative, spiritual side with her pragmatic, highly-experienced business analyst and accountancy background.

Applying accountancy principles to social, emotional, spiritual and tangible aspects of life creates the Holistic Accountancy system that allows you to:

Find your purpose

Define your purpose

Create your purpose

Share your purpose

Strategise your purpose

Live your purpose

Balance your body, mind, heart and soul.

Item Weight & Dimensions: 12.7 x 0.66 x 17.78 cm

Genre: Non-Fiction 

About the Author:


Steve Conley 

Great pearls of wisdom from Emma J Perry for those of us seeking to identify and follow our path of purpose whilst navigating the obstacles of our material world. The author is a master of immaterial and material, bringing the two worlds together in a very practical step-by-step personal development guide. Very well written, and easy to follow. Cleverly crafted. Thoroughly entertaining. One for the pocket or bag, as a constant reference for those wrestling with the ups and downs of a marriage of purpose and profit as life’s challenges arise. Emma writes from a place of experience and knowing. Read from cover to cover, or dip into it as required. Suitable for those who know their purpose, or for those who are still looking. A little gem of a find.